Dog Sled Rides and Tours

Dog Sled Rides and Tours at Elfin Kennel

Imagine yourself standing on the runners of a dog sled as eight or ten powerful Alaska Huskies carry you across the magical snow-covered landscape of Alaska. Are you there? Good. Now stop imagining and come do it!

At Elfin Kennel our goal is to give you a taste of real Alaskan dog mushing. We want our guests to get a feel for what it is like to own a dog team and run the trails with them. Our motto: “We are not Disney.”

We are a small, personal kennel with three decades of experience in traveling and exploring Alaska by dog team, camping out on the trail, and sharing our love of mushing with visitors. We are delighted to answers any questions you have about mushing, the dogs, the Iditarod, and Alaska.

The Elfin Kennel Tour

Our standard tour and ride takes about two hours from start to finish.We also offer a no ride option that takes you through the kennel, meet the dogs and questions plus pictures. When you arrive you will be greeted by your guides – who are also the owners. We will welcome you to our small cozy cabin where you can don your warm clothes and borrow any you might need. Then you will get to meet the stars of the show, the Alaska Huskies. Questions and pictures are both welcome as you tour the dog yard. We will explain the workings of a dog sled and gang line and teach you how to harness the dogs. You can do the easier ones!

The Elfin Kennel Dog Sled Ride

For our rides we use a unique arrangement that we like to call “The Simulator.” This consists of two sleds closely connected to each other and hitched to a single large dog team. Our guests ride the front sled, one person on the runners, a second person can be in the basket, and trade places during the ride. You will have the unobstructed experience of driving a full-sized dog team and handling your own sled, but without the responsibility, as one of us will be controlling the team from behind you. We have been using this technique since the 1980’s and our guests always love it.

After a short lesson in sled handling, we hitch up the team and hit the trail. Off through the snow-covered birch forest we go and into the open country beyond, with views of Denali and the Talkeetna mountains along the way. Our trail varies from wide open frozen swamplands to dense stands of Black Spruce, from the spectacular to the intimate, and back again. We have a great backyard! We will run for thirty to forty five minutes depending on snow conditions and temperature. We are glad to stop for picture taking along the way.

When the dogs bring us back to the kennel you are welcome to help put them back into their yards, unharness, and snack them. More questions and pictures are welcome again.



One thought on “Dog Sled Rides and Tours

  1. Susan Davidson

    Had the privilege to meet Josh and Annie in February 2013… What an experience nothing had prepared me for the sled ride it was unreal and the dogs are amazing especially how excited they got and how they loved pulling the sled.
    Would recommend Josh and Annie for your experience made it very interested and hands on and very friendly!
    Josh and Annie Thank you.. flying from the UK to see the Iditarod was the aim and visit friends but u both put the cherry on top of the cake!
    So we will be back in February 14 to do it all again!


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