When a Visitor Gets Sick

It was a tense day here, one of our visitors ( we have company for a couple of weeks while their Dad travels ) wasn’t feeling well. Mom says she was having something called a seizure, poor Polgara it looked liked it hurt. So Mom sat with her in the rain and just kept petting her until she stopped. Polgara finally got up tonight and had something to drink and eat but she can’t stand up very well.

So Mom didn’t spend much time with us today but that’s ok, we all want Polgara to feel better and when it was dinner time Mom fed us and gave us all hugs and kisses and she told me my bedtime story. Sleep well Polgara and I hope you feel better tomorrow.



She is feeling better, no more seizures but the Vet did find some sort of lump thing on her underneath. Mom talked to her Dad to let him know and when he gets home from his trip he will decide what should be done about it.

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