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Spring May Come..Eventually..

Alaska seems to be in the holds of winter, it does not want to let go gracefully or easily. We had snow on the 17th and 18th of May. We still have snow left over from the winter months, about a foot or so to be exact. Mud season was here for a bit and then the ground froze again so it will be here again because what’s more fun then one mud season? Well 2 of course!

I moved to my current place mid winter, the dog yard already had snow on it so I had no idea what lay beneath it. I do now! At one time this had been a thriving kennel, home of an Iditarod racer and airplane pilot. Sixty dogs called it home and they lived and trained on this property, the owner died in a plane accident and somebody else stepped into owning the property, they also raced dogs but not on the scale of the former owner. They slowly got out of the racing hobby and the number of dogs dwindled to just a handful, those dogs were moved up to the main house and the large dog yard started to be reclaimed by nature and just junk that needed tossing some place. I’m now raking and burning brush, painting dog houses and building new ones. The dogs are getting some new posts and a fresh layer of gravel and dirt for the bare spots. The goal? To make it look as pretty as you can make a yard where 12 canines call it home.


May 15
No Snow

May 18 Yeah Snow

May 18… YAY Snow :(

Sam enjoying his newly painted house.

Sam enjoying his newly painted house.