Monthly Archives: June 2013

Summer..It arrived with a Vengeance..

Oh you were cold this winter? Here have some heat!

Alaska has been in the grips of one of the hottest summers ever. We went from snow on the 18th of May to 80 degrees of Summer in two short weeks. The dogs did their shed of winter coats practically overnight and have turned into nocturnal creatures, sleeping all day and ready to play at night. It has also become the time of year where the sun never really sets and it is light enough at 2 am to see well without the aide of a headlamp or flashlight, great fun for the pooches as it means they can see their neighbor and try to engage them in some playtime fun.

Don’t get me wrong I’ll embrace any and all sunlight and warmth, I need to store it up for the coming winter. When the days are short and the temps are 20 below I’ll be able to look deep inside myself and remember they day it was 96 degrees. Ahhhhh!