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Auntie Inara

sled dog sitting

Auntie Inara

Auntie Inara..she sits this way all the time! Such a goof! She runs as a ‘Swing Dog’ that is the position behind the leaders. She knows the commands and when Uncle Ajax or I aren’t listening she helps by pulling us in the right direction. I’ve never seen her be cross or grumpy at anyone and most of the time she has a big goofy smile on her face.

T.G.I.F It’s Cheeseburger Friday!!

sled dog in house

A Lazy Friday

Seriously though everyday is Friday for me

Had my breakfast, spit my medicine on the ground, Mom found it and made me eat it…blech!!!

It was brushing day at Elfin Kennel, Roddy and Jimmy Choo are the shedders from heck Mom says, it just never ends with those two. Everyone else got brushed too just because Mom knows we like it.