Dawgs, Furfaces and Friends

Want to meet the dogs of Elfin Kennels? Pull up a seat and let me start the introductions…..

I want to introduce a past member of the kennel first, he passed over the rainbow bridge this past July, he was my buddy, confidant and the love of my life. Snakeriver. I met him on the first day I was introduced to the world of mushing. He had been a lead dog for a long distance musher and had participated in a couple of Iditarods, making it to the finish line in Nome both times. He was retired from his racing duties and brought to live on my friend’s recreational team. We hit it off like a house on fire, he looked at me, I looked at him and that’s all she wrote. I eventually wheedled ownership away from my friend and Snakeriver became mine. For the first time in his career he became a house dog with his own couch, blanket and specially made dog coats.



Ivory aka The White Boy, His Royal Highness The Mitten Stealer


He is the old man of the group, long legged, some what goofy but loves to run. He is our wheel dog, the wheel dog is the one closest to the sled, he helps with guiding the sled around corners and the occasional tree evasion ( oh yes trees do not move out of the way ). He runs alone in this position as he gets so excited to run that he wants to tell his neighbor in the most obnoxious way ever,

Jenny aka The Snudge

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Jenny, such a sweet silly girl who wants to mother hen all the rest of the dogs. Jenny is a rescue and I am so glad to have her as a part of my fur family she spices things up with her antics, the first to start a howl after meal time and she looks like a dolphin when she is in lead, just comes up off the ground in one fluid motion. She hasn’t run lead much this year as she has a health issue we are working on.

Inara aka Nar

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Inara ( named after a character in the Firefly series ) came to us from a long distance racing kennel, she just wasn’t suited to the long distances and she had also developed an eye problem but she has no problem taking short runs with us. Inara can lead or run in the team she is pretty versatile in where you can place her. She is best buds with Ajax and gets along with everybody.

Ajax aka Action Jackson or Bond, James Bond


The dog that never has a speck of dirt on him or a hair out of place. Don’t know how he does it but by golly he makes it happen. Another leader ( can never have to many leaders ) he does pretty good with his commands though he does have a bit of a playboy problem. We stop for some reason or another and zoom he’s back into the team schmoozing the ladies. He’s friends with Inara and Aintry and came from the same kennel as Ivory, Inara and Blondette.

Aintry aka Foxy Girl


She’s new to our family just this winter, so shy but so sweet, a great runner and also runs in lead or swing ( swing is the position right behind the leaders, these dogs also know the commands so they become a key player at times when the lead dog is having memory loss ). Aintry ran the Iditarod last year and made it as far as McGrath before she was dropped from the race. I think she’ll be a great addition to the family.

Blondette aka The Dragon Slayer


Oh what to say about Blondette…She’s scared of her own shadow and a tad neurotic but I love her to death. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get her to come out of her shell but alas I don’t think anything will change her mind, she’ll be timid until the bitter end. She runs in the team position and typically next to Sarge her new friend as her former running partner passed away this summer so I had to find another dog combo that would work.

Sarge aka Master Sergeant Bowie


Sarge came to me with the name Fiat, but he just doesn’t look like a Fiat to me, he reminded me more of a crusty old Master Sergeant from the army, you know the kind they depict in the movies with the half chewed cigar in his mouth barking orders? Then a few friends told me he had Bowie eyes. I went huh? They explained he looked like David Bowie in the eyes, cool..So he now is known as Master Sergeant Bowie and he is so very snugly but loud when it is feeding time. He’s run in the JR Iditarod and a few other races and came to me via a friend. Sarge runs in team position with Blondette.

Mike Barsky aka The Big Labarsky


MIKE BARSKY as I call him is a bonafide snugly bug and all around sweet boy. He gives hugs and kisses, loves getting his harness on and enjoys running in lead or swing. He was a loaner but now is officially a keeper..WooHoo!! Barsky is also a TV star, he was two days old when he appeared on an episode of “Dirty Jobs”, my he grew up to be a handsome boy.



Meet Sam, he is our newest member to Elfin Kennel. He came to us from Happy Trails Kennel in Big Lake, Alaska. He got his name from the Lord of the Rings and has litter mates named Frodo and Pippin. Sam is a big boy and very friendly, has ice blue eyes and the most annoying bark/howl at 6am. I don’t think he remembers that he is now retired from racing and we don’t need to get up at the crack of dawn to train for 80-90 miles. We run for fun Sam!




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