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Sarge and me.

I Love Dogs!

My names are Annie, Elf, and The Treat Lady     ( in the world of dogs ).

I live in Talkeetna, Alaska and I live in a cozy little cabin with 11 dogs. The cabin is what they call a ‘dry’ cabin which means it has no running water. Water must be hauled in for my daily use and to feed the dogs. I do have electricity and road access though which some cabins in Alaska have none of.

I came to Alaska from the Adridondacks of NY state in 2006, I had previously vacationed in Alaska and fell in love with the area, returned to NY and announced I was moving lock, stock and barrel to Alaska. I spent a few months house sitting for folks in the Anchorage area until I found a job with a large home improvement store. The job really wasn’t my dream but it got me on my feet and able to seek adventure. I have always loved the outdoors and learning new things and lo and behold I met a person that wanted to introduce me to the world of dog mushing..YaY Dogs! I learned all about running a dog team and the work that goes into making it happen. It’s not just standing on a sled and letting the dogs pull you around, it’s a TON of work. I didn’t want to be a racer but you can also just Mush for Fun, short trips, long trips, a ride around the back forty, it was all fun to me. My most favorite thing is taking a trip with them, packing our things for a week long camping adventure out on the trail. So I decided that mushing and dogs and being outside was what I really wanted to do with my life, long story short I decided to take another crazy leap ( because you know packing two suitcases and buying a one way ticket to Alaska 7 yrs ago wasn’t enough ) and quit my job at the home improvement store and take over a business that gives dog sled rides.

So pull up a chair and join along in this crazy ride I call my life…..



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