The Rainbow Bridge

The month of November was a difficult one for us here at Elfin Kennel. We had two dogs cross over the Rainbow Bridge, if you aren’t familiar with this poem you can read it here, make sure you have a kleenex or two though.

Ivory aka His Royal Highnass the Mitten Stealer decided that the time had come to leave us, 3 days before I had gone for a walk with Barsky, Sam, Sarge and Ivory. It was a walk that some doubted could ever happen, 4 male dogs all off leash, coming back when called and playing with no fights or snarls and with Ivory no less, the king of ‘I’m tougher than you’ attitude, we had fun and they played well together, sniffing, snarfling, peeing on the trees and playing chase. An hour or two passed and we returned home, the dogs got settled back in their yards, had drinks and dinner. The next day Ivory seemed off his feed but nothing alarming for him, the following day not really interested in food but drank his water, he passed away in his sleep that night, he knew it was time for a new body so off he went over the bridge to meet up with his old pals Snakeriver, Flint, Amundsen, D, Pittsburgh and Bam. I miss the big lug, he was a bundle of energy right up to almost the end..he was close to 15 years old, ran in the wheel position on my team all last winter, that was his spot, he did it well and the next dog that fills that position has mighty big shoes to fill.

Ivory the Sled Dog


Six days later Blondette aka The Dragon Slayer decided without Ivory around things weren’t as fun anymore and checked out too. She was 14 years old, always shy and quiet until you hooked her up to the sled and then this tiny little dog let loose a sound that you’d swear was coming out of a 100 pound dog. Blondette’s best buddy Amundsen had passed away last summer and I know that she had been missing her friend. These two girls always ran together in the team in the swing or team position and were next to each other in the dog yard. Blondette started to finally show her age this summer, gray around the eyes and not so spry and sassy and also a bit less shy, I figured the time would come soon for her as well I just didn’t expect it this soon.

sled dog


Happy Trails,
Annie & Barsky

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